Who is Iris Müller, the woman behind the (her.) clothing…

She walks in with a smile on her face, a shirt that glows (her.) from her chest and pants swinging ankles high plastered in corduroy, can we have a moment of silence for this hipster look we have going on here Iris!!! The sound of whistling grazes our ear drums as the kettle is screaming readiness, ”Would you like some tea” as we are presented with options. THIS IS IRIS the woman behind the (her.) shirt.

Its been a journey with many more to come, how are you?

Oh thank you – I am fine! There are many new challenges which I have to face  – but hell yeah, this make me feel alive.

For people that dont know you, Who is Iris and what does she do?

Haha – there is no final answer for “who I am” until now –  surprises and discoveries are always coming up. Certainly I am a person who aspires to be independent and strives to see the whole thing.

So, what I do is to put the impressions I receive into different forms of expressions. My main medium is fashion/clothing– i love to play with colours, unexpected materials and processing techniques. 

Can you give us 3 words to describe what fashion is to you today? and why those words…

  • virtuality, for the feeling of a new power
  • protection, for the feeling of something familiar
  • statement, for the feeling to have a voice

If you were to be reborn an animal what one would it be and why? 

Maybe a squirrel, constantly in motion, nimble, perfect overview on the peak off the trees.

You are experienced in the game, what is it like working with the younger generation? good and bad points…

yes, i worked a lot with talented young fellows. i will make it short 🙂 – the bad points… you feel outdated faster than you realise, the good points… it doesn’t matter because you learn a lot and you can give a lot. A wise support known from experience is helpful at some points. 

As the fashion brains behind weareherbrand, what is it that connected you to the company? why them?

Vibe’s on fleek at the right time in my life!

Whats next for you and HVEM?

I finally quit some projects from the past to be free to start a brand which I call HVEM. HVEM is the danish word for who, Who/HVEM we are or wanna be. A constant question that drives me into experimental fashion with no final goal. so, here i am and observe where weareherbrand (her.) will take me.

Finally, What does it mean to be (her.) and what companies would you love to collab with?

For me (her.) is a gender neutral source of life, we are all her. There should be a common effort to sensitise our senses and to rethink our behaviours and mindsets about traditional roles of gender in general. Educational work is one of many keys to start with, so a perfect collab for me would be a company with real authentic influence.

Thank you Iris!

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