Swiss brand Neumühle caught our attention this week with their amazing swimwear made out of lost fishing nets. If this isn’t one way to support sustainability we don’t know what is! We check out their latest campaign which is visually stunning and inspires us as a brand as it boasts togetherness and no discrimination in its visual language with swim wear finely produced for the eyes to see.

Hi, Neumühle how are you guys feeling after your amazing Kickstarter round funding? 

We are stoked about all the support and are still overwhelmed about the success of the campaign. We feel great and are very motivated to create the Net-Swimwear made out of lost fishing nets manufactured right here in Switzerland.

We love your company and what you stand for, What is Neumühle and how did it begin? 

Neumühle designs durable accessories with a social and environmental impact. It all began as a favour for my mother Edith (Co-Founder). Her great passion is crocheting wool hats – and she crochets a lot. Back then I (Andreas Co-Founder) decided to design her a logo for those hats. That was the very beginning of Neumühle. That small seed was planted in 2015. Neumühle is an idyllic valley in Uznach in the country side of Eastern Switzerland where our family house is located and where I grew up.

What does sustainability mean for you? and do you think the world is doing a good job in terms of awareness? 

Sustainability to us means taking responsibility of your actions. It also means to be aware of the consequences and walk through our wonderful world with eyes open. Sustainability shouldn’t be a radical approach, it should always be common sense. Some times you have to hop on a flight. That’s okey, it’s 2019, but just be aware of it and try to reduce it as much as possible. 

It’s better than 10 years ago, but the awareness needs to increase much more. The big players do the change in the end. The smaller brands can only inspire to do so. 

We think the story behind the company is great, what is the key to mother and son working together? 

She is in charge of her collection “VON MAMI” which we only sell at pop-up markets. She was the initiator of the brand and then one thing led to an other. She loves to have this creative space with Neumühle where she can create and design new things – but she is also happy that I am in charge of everything else. We are in regular exchange and I appreciate her textile expertise since she was a handicrafts teacher for years. At the end we all just want to make our mothers happy right?

Is the future sustainability or do you think its a phase we are going through right now? 

I definitely don’t think it’s just a trend. In the far future it shouldn’t be necessary to claim yourself a sustainable producer because then it just should be a standard way of doing things. That’s the approach we should go for.

Where do you see the company in 5 years? 

Wow, 5 years is far. We want to create more jobs at the foundation of Züriwerk to also have a bigger social impact, deepen our collections by always questioning ourselves and work with high quality, durable and recycled materials with a high approach towards aesthetics. With that said, growth will be a natural consequence. But most important – having fun while doing it, and when we can inspire others with our mission then we have the icing on the cake.

The swimwear, amazing! How and why did it come about? Was it a eureka moment or tactically planned? 

The first ignition was after my 8 months travel trough Russia, Mongolia, China and South East Asia – when you see yourself in the worlds plastic problem every day. 40 % of the marine pollution are ghost nets. That’s a scary number. We then found ECONYL (the guys who turn lost fishing nets and nylon waste into yarn or so-called ECONYL) by accident and thought why don’t we bring that regenerated nets/yarn back into the sea but in a positive way. That’s how the Net-Swimwear collection “VON ALICE” was born.

Finally, hopefully you read our pdf and our values, what do you believe is instrumental in the world when it comes to supporting one another and equality? 

Of course read it – i think your idea is wonderful. We actually have a similar approach, to us the people are at the center, that’s why our collection are named after their producers. It needs guys like you who spread the message widely enough but also appropriate governments regulations are necessary. Real change needs time – if we keep raising the awareness, we will have a better equality for the upcoming generations. The mind set of our youngest generation is already completely different when I compare it to my grand parents for example. The values changed a lot over the last year – in a good direction we think. Thanks a lot her. for this nice chat! 

Thank you Neumühle.
If you would like to follow them on their journey, please find their socials below:

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