Scandinavian rnb/pop group are featured in this weeks herweekly. A duo formed for singing about love, dreams, energy and friends. Listening to their EP ‘7 days’ which was released earlier this month, we have put together some questions to better the relationship between them and their audience. In fact when listening to their Spotify page please continue scrolling and listen to their tracks from 2018 that have a sense of nice to them too.

Rebels, why the name? is there a meaning behind it? 

We are Rebels in a positive, spiritual, and thought provoking way. We have always felt a little different from our peers, with a high desire to follow dreams and pursuing creative endeavours. We are a new breed of spiritual and aware men that does not see ourselves as the typical alpha male where you have to be a certain way because you are a “man”. We wanna break through to your soul and have a positive impact in life and society. 

What does music mean to you, how would you describe your sound and what is rnb/pop?

Music is everything. Our therapy, our thoughts and our life. Music is like breathing to us! We sing songs from the heart, sharing our own experiences/perspectives in the songs. Pop/rnb is a mix of the 2 genres. We love creating hooks that you can listen to again and again. We always wanted to make popular music that can hopefully stand the test of time.  We are also heavily inspired by rnb, the love, mood and vulnerability. 

We checked your spotify, you have a collection… Will you mash the best ones together to release an album album?

We talked about doing a Greatest Hits already…. Lol…. Might be too early tho… 

If you were to spend one day with someone famous, who would it be and why?

Kanye West.. We got some questions for him… 

If you were to recommend one track to gain followers, what track would it be? We would say ’Good’! 

We do not recommend songs… We recommend projects… So listen to 7 Days and we will take you through a week with us! <3

Is there a music genre you dont like and how would you change it?

We like all kind of music! We shouldn’t change anything, because everything has beauty in it’s own way… 

What artists would you want to collab with and why?

There is many we would love to work with but 3 names today would be Drake, Adele or Ed Sheeran!We know we could make some crazy songs with all of them!

Finally, after reading our pdf, what do you think of our brand plans? what does it mean to be her?

Equality and togetherness is crucial to be (her.). A strong brand with the right values in this simulation we are currently living in.
Keep going hard and make cool minimalistic designs.  

Thank you for asking us questions and taking your time to send energy to us. Really cool brand you have. Keep going hard and trust the nature.. You are on the right path. Love from the boys Andy & Mrtn. … 

Thank you Rebels,
If you would like to follow them on their journey, please find their socials below and a link to their music:

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  1. Kathrine Weseö

    Love these guys, so genuine and positive! It’s nice to follow them and i hope they will blow up some day …


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