Its Mid-2019 and we are surprised with a new young British talent who goes by the name of Michael Moawad. Tall slender build of a man with a beard Zeus would be proud of. All over again (AOA) is the single that caught our attention hence we have him in the herweekly. London Jazzy sounds floating around his socials that give you a taste of what he is about and a guitar that serenades the audience as he closes his eyes and performs for you.

For all the readers, who is Michael Moawad and what does it mean being you?

Michael Moawad is a 21 year old dreamer. With no contacts or foreseeable route into the music industry it seems impractical at best to pursue a career as a music artist, but I decided to take matters in to my own hands and learn music production so that I could take control. To be me means to live life without regret, if you have a passion, it will never hurt to pursue it.

We recently heard your first single ”All over again” on spotify? How does it feel to be an acknowledged artist on the platform?

It feels great to finally have the first of many songs on the same platform that I use to listen to my musical heroes and inspirations, however its no excuse for complacency as there is still to grow!

On your socials it states ’wanna be musician’ is there a reason behind that or just humbleness?

I’ve noticed many that there are many self-proclaimed singers, songwriters, producers and musicians on instagram, many of whom are very talented in what they do. However the title of “Musician” carries a lot of weight to me and I will only be able to call myself a musician with confidence when I have established a full-time career as an artist.

If you had a pet Polar bear what would you name it?

Taylor, works for a boy and a girl!

Who and what inspires you to do what you do?

Music is another language, it describes what words can’t and can be understood by all. This fact alone inspires me the most, sometimes the only way to explain or express what I’m feeling is through music, whether its my music or someone else, and I can say with confidence that others feel the same.

Going back to Moawad Music, whats next for you? With your unique voice and silky guitar skills, surely it has to be a live session?

Hopefully a live session will arrive sooner than later! However the main focus at the moment has been on finishing several songs for release throughout the next year.

Truthfully speaking how many times have you listened to your single? And who are your biggest fans?

I’ve listened to the song “All Over Again” countless times throughout the production process, from the first draft to the first mix to the final product! For that reason, since its release on Spotify I have listened to it only around 4 or 5 times. I move on to the next project very quickly!

For those that have not yet heard “All Over Again” here is a link to the song:

Finally, Our brand focuses on togetherness and equality whilst supporting women, what does it mean to be (her.) for you?

The most inspiring characters in my life are all women. Coming from a culture that usually puts the man first and the women second, I couldn’t be prouder of the women who break the social conventions of being second place and I become even more disappointed with the men that hold them back. Unfortunately, I am still aware of particular environments that contain women and don’t allow them to fulfil their potential, which is why I’m even more ecstatic about this blog and its mission to raise awareness around this issue!

To follow Michael Moawad, his socials are below:
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instagram: @moawadmusic

Good energy, humbled character… We will be following Michael Moawad on his journey… Good luck!

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