Juliane Falk, German raised Dutch living Photographer whose eyes see the beauty in all that it touches. I think that is the best way to describe her in this weeks herweekly blog. Excited as we are, it’s actually a chance to get into the mind of this boss of a woman to see what and how she thinks. 

Juliane Falk, who is she and how would you describe her art?

She is a 25 year old independent woman living in Amsterdam. In her photography I see a lot of diversity and femininity captured up and close in a dreamy/ summer-ish vibe.

What are your favourite kinds of Photography?

My favourite type is documentary photography. Capturing a moment of reality, in order to convey a meaningful message about what is happening in the world.

Fun fact: During my photography school I wanted to be a war photographer. Back then I met a war photographer to get more information about it and he told me to start with small documentary projects first before going to war as a 16 year old girl, I followed his advice.


How do you gain creative self-confidence and stop questioning your abilities as a photographer? Have you ever doubted yourself and how did you get over that self-doubt?

I never questioned my abilities as a photographer, I always just did it. Of course I doubt my work sometimes but these the phases I’m mostly doing commercial jobs and I feel less motivated to express my creativity. I learned that if and when I’m dissatisfied with my work, I need to challenge myself and shoot some portfolio work again. Last time I had that feeling, I booked a ticket to Cape Town to shoot there. Always challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and make new things.

If you were a Disney character, what character would you be and why?

Dori from Finding Nemo for sure. She’s a go getter and reminds me that you have to take risks to fully live your life and that you have to believe in yourself & keep going.
Another similarity is the forgetfulness, haha. 

Its been said, when a woman takes photography they capture something completely different to a man.
Why do you think this is?

Well, I think this is especially when it’s about capturing women.

Women understand women.

It’s less sexual but more vulnerable I guess. I also think most of them are more comfortable when shooting with a female photographer.

Going through your portfolio, it is beautiful!!! only female structured shots, is there a reason behind this? eg a choice of how and what you shoot?

Thank you so much! There isn’t really a reason behind it, it’s just my preference. Of course I also shoot men, mostly for commercial jobs, but I’m very picky when it comes to what I put in my portfolio/ on Instagram. I thought about this just yesterday, that it will be my new challenge to shoot some men as well in the same way I shoot female models. 

Can you tell us the story behind your favourite shot?

My favourite shot? hmmmm was exactly one year ago with Odile. This was my first portfolio shoot after doing only paid jobs for 2 years straight and having a little break down in creativity. I went to the park with her and built a set there and then. It was just her, my intern and myself – a super small and cozy shoot that gave me so much energy. From that day on I force myself to do this kind of shoots more often.

What you do is a representation of what WEAREHERBRAND stands for. Equality, togetherness and against discrimination, showing the beauty of the world. What does it mean to be (her.) and how do you see the values of our brand?

That’s the most important thing and also the way I live and how I see the world. My photography is just reflecting my personality. I’m very glad that brands like WEAREHERBRAND ‘her.’ are doing the same thing but in a different way.

Thank you Juliane, wishing you a lot of success in future…
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